“It always seems there are new and inventive activities, equipment and play options which is fab!”

“I feel i can approach any staff member and know that i will get my questions answered”

“I love Happy Hedgehogs and my son is very happy there”

“Always happy to go off and play when left in the mornings”

“I have found the staff at Happy Hedgehogs to be kind, helpful and very supportive”

“Thanks to everyone at Happy Hedgehogs, you are ace!”

“I feel that my daughter has come on leaps and bounds since starting Happy Hedgehogs”

“We feel that our son loves the open environment and the outdoor area”

“Continue the fantastic work you are doing to develop the pre school/nursery”

“Seems like the kids have a really lovely time”

“You do a great job, i am very happy with Happy Hedgehogs, thank you”

“All staff are friendly and engage with the children and parents”